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Life in the South is a Youtube series that is created by Lucio Heinz McGilligan.It is about 4 boys named Lucas "Luke" Brown,Brian Adams,Oscar Garcia,and Jesse Rodriguez living in a small town called Odgenton in Texas.

About the ShowEdit

Life in the South is a show about four 12 year old boys who live in a small town in Texas and go on all types of adventures.It was created by Lucio Heinz McGilligan,who voices most of the characters.It is animated in Paint and Sony Vegas 9.Here are some of the important characters:

Lucas "Luke" Brown-The smartest and the most main of the group.He has two long spikes of hair on his head.Based off the creator of Life in the South.

Brian Adams-The slightly annoying and awkward one.He is most likely Luke's best friend.

Oscar Garcia-The stupid,mischevious,and anti-hero of the group.A "fan favorite" character.

Jesse Rodriguez-He is the most quiet one of the four.Like Kenny,he dies in almost every episode,but comes back in the next one.He has a rag around his mouth that makes his dialouge muffled.

Paul Simmons-The wimp of the show.He has a high pitched voice and a big part in the series.

Kevin Mitchells-A good friend to the boys.He has a secret superhero alter-ego called Anonyman.He speaks with a southern accent.

Frankie Sheckler-A white kid with freckles who is a very talented singer.

Dr.F-The main antagonist of the series.An evil genious and former teacher at Odgenton Middle School.

Latest activityEdit

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